Company Profile

Founded in 2008, Tarpon Platform Systems was initiated with a focal point of providing its global clients with an advanced, commercially attractive solution for marginal field development by providing a cost-effective alternative to conventional multi-legged platforms and other minimal systems.

​The establishment of Tarpon Platform Systems introduces an innovative patented marginal field production system for offshore oil and gas field development. With over a hundred years of operational experience by the management team combined, we are poised to position ourselves as a primary service provider for upstream offshore oil and gas production development.

Tarpon Platform Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of DIALOG Group Berhad, which is a publicly listed company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As a globally renowned integrated technical services provider to the energy sector, DIALOG strives to maintain the quality of services provided to clients in both Malaysia and internationally. At Tarpon Platform Systems, we are committed to offering efficient and cost-effective solutions to our clients worldwide.

Our Mission

We Do EPCIC Right

Tarpon can provide EPCIC terms, which allow for better planning of your cash flow and human resource requirements.

Fast Track to Production

Tarpon Platform Systems can meet engineering through installation schedules as aggressive as 7 months.

Minimal Investments, Maximum Results

Utilising the patented guying system technology, Tarpon Platform Systems is a low-cost structure without compromising safety or integrity.

Installations Worldwide

With installations in over 4 countries, Tarpon Platform Systems has earned a reputation for making marginal field production lucrative.

How We Do Business

Synergistic Approach

to project development and management.

Create Value

through relationships win-win contracts with clients and vendors.

Excellent Record

of successful execution of environmentally and politically sensitive projects.

Strong Reputation

for safe, efficient and cost effective planning and execution of field operations.

Tarpon Platform Systems Philosophy

Safety of Personnel, Property & Equipment

Highest Level of Integrity & Accountability

Team-oriented, Solutions-based Approach

Customer Focused

Deliver Quality Work Product

Quick Response Time & Execution

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